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Space Town Wedding

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Being a photographer, we always want to tell stories, through our photographs. It’s like an artist who brushes every emotion on his canvas. We the photographers want to document the emotions, moments, feelings and narrate the story reel by reel. Here is a small documentation of a lovely couple who first met through their friends and with various turning events of life they decided to trek their life’s journey together forever.

 About the couple :-

Sayani Bose and Anurag Rai first met through their friends and used to take trekking trips together. They first dated each other just a hour before Anurag took the train to leave Bangalore, forever to prepare for U.P.S.C. The fact that Anurag left his ‘lucrative job’ to pursue his dream of serving the country attracted Sayani even more. At their first date, Anurag moved to Delhi and Sayani stayed back in Bangalore. In no time they became friends to buddies and started visiting each other more than often. Five years down the line, long distance relationship, brief meetings & several uncertainties played a distinct role in the relationship but the wait was worthwhile as their family waited patiently till they figured out their lives and finally decided to tie the knot on 22nd January, 2017.

Documenting the day (22nd January, 2017) :-

As a freelance photographer for Iqlick Official Studio, I had a small briefing in my mind to go out there and capture photographs which tells the story of the day or narrates the emotion of the bride & her family. After arriving at the location in Space Town, I had a brief conversation with Miss Sayani Bose. I asked about her expectations from the day and the kind of photographs she expected from us. She had her vision very clear that she wanted us to capture few candid moments from the day which she will be able to cherish as her life time memories. She also requested to click some portraits of her close ones that mattered to her the most. The conversation with her simplified the work and made it easy for us to capture the best. As I went on with my shoot, I found a family not just preparing for the wedding but a family with lots of happiness & moments, cherishing the day as one of the best days of their lives. It was like a perfect colorful Bengali wedding scenario, full of smiles,joy and laughter. What really stood out for me was the unique way of maintaining both the Marwari and Bengali customs together, making it an interfaith wedding. It was a very unusual scene to see ‘Bor Mala‘ ( Marwari Custom) and Mala Bodol ( Bengali Custom) happening together. As a photographer on the day, it was an experience to remember. Documenting their emotions, moments and telling their story was something I felt very satisfied doing.



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