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Oaishee X Tirthankar / Assansol Wedding

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Oaishee and Tirthankar organized their wedding ceremony at the sprawling Panorama Resort in Asansol. It was a magnificent event. Having worked with them previously, during their Pre-Wedding days, we were excited to document this wonderful couple's precious moments. It turned out to be one of the best weddings we had shot till date.

This wedding had it all, from the action of various events, the drama behind the scenes and the emotions which drove everyone in it. We loved capturing the unique moments which will remain ever special to them through our photographs. Besides the photos and the numerous memories, this wedding never felt like a job to us. It made us glad to be a part of their happiness. Some of the pictures received overwhelming response across various social media platforms, with over 2K shares and 25K reactions.

The sheer joy of working with such a co-operative and helpful couple made our jobs way easier than it is. Due to their constant support we could come up with a lot of creative shots and out-of-the-box frames. It was an amazing experience to be cherished.

Hence, I have always said that the value of a ceremony does not lie in the rituals but the underlying chemistry and the enormous effort of the couple and their families.


Photographs by - Sourav Paul & Prithwiraj Pal / Sourav Paul Photography

Cinematography by - Writam Saha, Sushmit Patra & Suman Jana / Sourav Paul Photography

T R A I L E R - Oaishee X Tirthankar

Images for life :-


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